HALOBLK's founder, Scott Z, a graduate of Shenzhen University's Industrial Design Department, pursued further education at the prestigious College for Creative Studies, one of the world's top automotive design institutions. His extraordinary experience collaborating on the 'Hybrid Supercar Gemera' project with DJI and Koenigsegg in 2017, led him to interrupt his studies in the United States and wholeheartedly devote himself to the distinctive field of automotive design.
HALOBLK was established, founded by a professional designer who introduced a novel concept: 'Light Customization' for new energy vehicles. Redefining customization, HALOBLK aims to bring new and exciting possibilities to the world of electric vehicles.
HALOBLK's mission is to provide every new energy vehicle owner with our products. We employ professional design, select premium materials, and offer dedicated services to ensure every HALOBLK user embodies our cultural values.



Let's ride together into the upcoming 'Third Space' era.
We are honored to be part of the historic transformation in human transportation, as we embrace the era of renewable energy solutions. Your involvement accelerates our journey towards a sustainable energy future.
As we expand our portfolio of personalized in-car products, we eagerly anticipate the era of skateboard chassis and automotive modularity. Please grant us the time and patience, and we will continue to invest in design and innovation, maintaining a forward-looking perspective on automobiles. Our ultimate goal is to craft an imaginatively distinct 'means of transportation' for you in the not-so-distant future.
HALOBLK, with reverence for the industry, adheres to automotive design standards, developing personalized products for your new energy vehicle. We aim to bring trends, individuality, efficiency, professionalism, and an exceptional user experience to your hands and those of users worldwide.